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Scarletts Home Page

Welcome to my blog!

Hope you enjoy reading my essays!

Latest from the Blog

Something That I Think would Be A Really good invention

What I think would be a good invention a bean bag you could sit inside of, example; its like a tent but its softer, and warmer. No need for a tent or blanket when you could have the tent bag/beanent. (By the way thin image was made in my default computer art app so thats…

Egg Beater

it was invented by Willis Johnson. Its a kitchen mixer and a hand held device, it mixes ingredients much easier, and then it turned into he electrical mixer we use today, it produces more the the eggbeater but either one I think they both helped alot.

The Pin-Tumbler Lock

It was invented by Linus Yale Sr. in 1843, He opened a lock shop in his 40s. The Pin-Locks are difficult to pick and provide good security , as well as easy re-keying. The lock contains pins in the cylindrical drum the key lines up to the pins to rotate the cylinder. His lock received…

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